Article About Shooting And Murders Essay

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Furthermore, my second year placement was at Jane and Finch Ontario Early Year Centre (OEYC). Before starting my placement, I was worried about the community that my centre was located. I searched, “Jane Finch Mall” in the Google and I found few articles about shooting and murders. I was very hesitant to go there for the first time. However, when I actually got there and met the people at Jane-Finch OEYC, I found out it was a very pleasant place to be at. In fact, these people were one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life. I was quite shamed about myself of unknowingly having the prejudice and stereotype against the people who live in this area. According to Angelini, these kind of prejudgment can be seen as necessary, as we all need to organize the stimuli basis of statement or belief and it occurs in spite of evidence (2012, p.108). After 12 weeks of placement, I concluded that Jane and Finch community wasn’t as bad as what it was portrayed on the media.
Living life as an Asian, Korean, I think that my ethnicity and race was a major part of my identity. Being born and growing up in my home country definitely plays a big part of my life because of the different culture and the environment. It is interesting and sometimes funny to watch people react differently and treat me differently when I say I am from Korea instead of China. On the other hand, it is not delightful to watch how differently people treat a white person and how they treat me. I once walked into a…

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