Article 25 Of The International Covenant Of Economic, Social And Cultural Rights

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Although in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and International
Covenant of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) there is a combination of human rights, there are particular articles that address health-related rights that everyone is entitled to. Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights frames the health-related rights of people through social conditions in which would ensure the well-being of that person. Health is influenced through social determinants and Article 25 addresses the human rights of having a good social condition to grow and live in. By looking at the social conditions of a person, one can guess that person’s health condition. Social conditions place people in a certain circumstance that affects their health: physically, mentally, and
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In article 25 of the UDHR, the right address health and well-being of him and his family. In the definition of health, it’s the well-being of a person physically, mentally, and emotionally. Thus, the article defined health as the well-being of a person. Article 12 in ICESCR took it a step further by addressing the physical and mental health of a person and not just well-being and health in general. Both article uses the parts of the definition to elaborate on the health-related rights that they are addressing. However, even though both articles used some aspect of the definition, it doesn’t fully have the same scope as the WHO’s definition. This is said because the scope of the definition includes all three types of well-being and the articles only took bits and pieces from the definition. The WHO definition has three part that comes together to define health. Not only that, but the definition express the concept that health is not just related to illness and disease but, the personal well-being state, the state of being happy and

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