Arthur Miller 's The Crucible Essay

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The Minds Eye “The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven.” (John Milton). The work of a mind is to entice, and degrade oneself. The 'antagonist ' The Being from Mary Shelley 's “Frankenstein” is created and abandoned by Victor Frankenstein leaving him to constantly question who he is and what he is. On the other hand, the protagonist/martyr, John Proctor from Arthur Miller 's “The Crucible” is haunted by his past actions and, in the face of death questions who he is as the play reaches its end. Both texts involve a character being plagued by their mind as they become skeptical of who they are though it is through different circumstances that this occurs. Miller and Shelley demonstrate the challenge those face in order to discover themselves in the wake of a tetra-mental situation and the influence on the mental state that befalls the characters John and The Being in order to obtain and/or regain their identity, such like the depersonalization of ones self. First of all, The Being and John Proctor find themselves in a challenging state of mind in order to discover themselves in the wake of a terminal situation. For example, The Being is a man made by Victor Frankenstein. Ruthlessly, he is facing abandonment by his creator due to his appearance alone. In his voyage to show that he is more than his appearance, The Being gains knowledge and understanding. In his gain, he beings to question his very existence. “ 'The path of my…

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