Essay about Arthur Miller 's The Crucible

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Imagine, it is October 2, 1919, and you are on the infamous White Sox’s team, and you are getting ready for the start of the World Series, but what you do not realize is that you’re starting pitcher has been lying to the whole team. The Black Sox Scandal of the 1919 World Series ended in the accused being acquitted, but one of the most iconic players in history went down with the other players who were being paid off, Shoeless Joe Jackson was among one of the players that never played after this series. Many of the players did partake in the activities that happened, but some lost their careers due to the lack of truth that was evident by the involved. John Proctor in Arthur Miller’s, The Crucible, ended up in a similar situation as Jackson, but witchcraft was his charge. The Salem Witchcraft trials of 1692 took place in our own country, and it was highly influenced by the general population’s back and forth accusations based on personal gains, like with Putnam blaming other farmers so he can get their land. This does not compare to the innumerable amount of trust that Abigail has broken with the townspeople. The truth is influential towards people’s motives and actions. One of the main characters, Abigail Williams, was once working for the Proctor’s, but now she is contemplating the murder of Elizabeth Proctor, whom she frames for witchcraft in the second act. Abigail is the antagonist of the play, who is escalating the witchcraft scare throughout the town. In the…

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