Arthur Miller 's The Crucible Essay

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Arthur Miller demonstrates through his play, The Crucible, that John Proctor, the main protagonist, is indeed a modern tragic hero. Throughout another one of Miller’s works, his essay “Tragedy and the Common Man”, he explains who and what a tragic hero really is. This helps to inform the reader about Proctor’s stance as a common tragic hero. Throughout the play, The Crucible, John Proctor faces many obstacles and challenges. Soon after we are introduced to Proctor in the play, we learn that he had an affair with a teenaged girl named Abigail, in which his wife finds out and resents Proctor for many months to come. Proctor, having committed adultery, is left guilt-ridden and self-loathsome. It seems he could never have forgiven himself for this unbearable sin. However, it is shown throughout the play that John Proctor is a tragic hero who has a tragic flaw that, in the end, leads to his downfall. Undoubtedly, Arthur Miller describes John Proctor to exhibit a modern and common tragic hero throughout his actions and principles. There is a general set of conventions regarding a tragic hero. Arthur Miller, however, describes in his essay, “I believe that the common man is as apt a subject for tragedy in its highest sense as kings were.” (Miller, “Tragedy and the Common Man”, 1). This statement makes it clear that Miller believes that any average individual is just as suitable for being a tragic hero as a king. The only factor that may separate these two people, would be,…

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