Arthur Holmes Book The Idea Of A Christian College

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Christian College Thought Paper
Breanna Froemke
Professor David Winner

Abstract: My paper focuses on the four main themes I take away from Arthur Holmes’ book The Idea of a Christian College. The first theme is understanding the life of students. I talk about the new stresses and problems new students face. The second theme is how a liberal arts education applies to our lives. I talk about how general education classes actually aren’t a waste of our time. The third theme is faith and learning integration. I talk about how Christian colleges integrate faith along with learning. Lastly, I talk about the fourth theme which is the purpose of our education besides training in one subject. In that theme I focus on
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We have our general education classes that teach us skills that may have absolutely nothing to do with our chosen degree field. These classes allow our minds to grow and help us become well rounded individuals. Instead of complaining that these classes are a waste of time you should ask yourself "what is it doing to me as a person?" (Holmes, 1987) When we start college we are a blank slate ready to take on our new lives. A liberal education is an open invitation to join the human race and become more fully human. (Holmes, 1987) Once we understand liberal arts and the purpose of it we will enrich our lives further and can even find way to apply it in our careers. Secular universities tend to focus on the parts rather than the big picture and we would leave with a fragmented view of life that lacks a deeper meaning (Holmes, …show more content…
Christian colleges do not seek to force their beliefs on you, but instead they aim to provide an learning that will integrate faith into a persons life. They do not exist to “combine good education with a protective atmosphere”, nor does it “only offer biblical and theological studies” - a Christian college is “The Christian faith can touch the entire range of life and learning to which a liberal education exposes students” (Holmes, 1987). Another benefit of the integration of faith and learning is that we can learn how to glorify God in every aspect of our lives. We are in a community where the faculty and students look forward to pursuing an education. Holmes describes learning as, “an act of love, of worship, of stewardship, a whole hearted response to God” (Holmes, 1987). Faith and learning integration is a truly extraordinary experience executed by Christian

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