Arthur C. Brooks: The Secret Of Happiness By Arthur Brooks

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Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, or given away. It is a spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. In fact, most of our daily life events where we experience happiness are espoused through social media. One reason of that is Facebook where everyone can send in his or her news feeds pictures, quotes, pages, or videos of everything that reflect their happiness. Another reason is that there is evidence from research in the New York Times an article named " A formula for Happiness " by Arthur C. Brooks that prove that the secret to happiness through work is earned success. In fact, my happiness is symbolized with the rhythm of my affection. Therefore, happiness is the highest accomplishment of animation …show more content…
Brooks, the writer contends that the secret of happiness through work is earned success. For each of us there are many ways to obtain happiness. Happiness is based on all the emotions that we experience in events, values and genes. As he enunciates, " happiness is as a butterfly which, when persuaded, Is always beyond our grasp, but which, If you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you"(Brooks). This means sometimes we don 't sustain to have big aims, but as long as we watch what we require to achieve we will be satisfied that we have tried something rather than never trying. Nevertheless, the writer tells us that our determinations are the ones that determinant our happiness she gives us an example of himself arguing with him, "Dad, I 've got big news. I 'm quitting music to go school!’ 'You can 't just drop everything, ' he objected. 'It 's very irresponsible.’ 'But I 'm not happy, happy, happy ' I told him " (Brooks). The writer implies that sometimes we need to start over, to see what we truly enjoy instead of keep forcing stuffs that doesn 't make happy. Thus, happiness is determinate by human 's choices, events, genes and …show more content…
One way he experiences happiness is spending time with his family. He states, “I got a very different family life than other folks. It 's awesome, don 't get me wrong, It 's a happy family life. But, very different, We make it work " (Wilson). The second way feels happy is when he describes that he feels extremely happy watching marvel movies. As he complements “I love Spider-Man, Iron Man and Thor. My entire bathroom is decorated with Spider-Man stuff.” (Wilson) It probably sounds funny, but his emotions are reflected trough marvel characters. Lastly, He believes that social media is a honest beginning to convey happiness, but at the same time he articulates, " Sadly it 's destroying the Earth.” (Wilson). He thinks that the people turn careless using social media. Nevertheless, He thinks if someone is not happy it is because that somebody demands a great hug to be glad. Therefore, He sees himself as a lucky person most of the time that finds happiness in his family, personal skills and marvel

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