Essay on Art Therapy With A Focus On Child Development

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When I was accepted to San Jose State University (SJSU) I intended to pursue a career in art therapy with a focus in child development. I always had an aptitude for art and I wanted to incorporate that into a career that allowed me to help people. I took classes, such as Child Psychology, Psychology of the Adolescent, Chad, Multicultural Art/Children, etc., in order to pursue a career in that field. Additionally, I began working at elementary schools, such as Carden Day School, Monroe Middle School, Sherman Oaks, etc., in order to gain some experience working with youth.
As I progressed in my undergraduate studies I became more and more engrossed with the examination and analysis of different abnormal behaviors. I particularly enjoyed Professor Callaghan’s PhD, Current Issues Capstone Course, which gave me good critical thinking skills through the repeated dissection and discussion of the different portrayals of abnormal behavior. I enjoyed pondering human behaviors and motivations and using my critical thinking skills to differentiate between the diverse depictions of atypical behaviors.
I received research training in Social/Personality Psychology with Professor Asuncion, PhD. while conducting a study on interpretation of emotion, and in Cognition/Perception with Dr. Feria while conducting a study on auditory perception with beats per minute (BPM). Dr. Asuncion’s class taught me how to classify and define abstract variables, how to design a study that tested my…

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