Art Therapy : A Creative And Expressive Form Of Therapy Essay

1592 Words May 3rd, 2016 null Page
Art therapy, a creative and expressive form of therapy, has been used as an artistic creative process in order to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being (American Art Therapy Association, 2013). The overall purpose of this process is to aid in healing. This includes someone expressing him or herself artistically, which helps them resolve any hidden issues and manage their behaviors and feelings. Art therapy covers a broad spectrum, such as drawing, coloring, painting, the use of pastels and chalk, sculpting, collages, mandalas, and more (American Art Therapy Association, 2013). It can be successfully applied to client with trauma, physical, emotional, mental, diseases and disorders. This includes managing behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem. Art therapy provides services to people of all ages, as well as different populations (American Art Therapy Association, 2013). This includes children, adolescents, adults, the elderly, families, couples, and groups. This doesn’t exclude people with diseases or other types of disorders. Through this work, therapists may better understand a client’s perspective after assessing their finished work (American Art Therapy Association, 2013).
Art therapy began around the mid-20th century, originating from English-speaking and European areas. For instance, art therapy is deep rooted in England, where art education and developmental psychology are commonly practiced (Ostrowska, 2013). The term,…

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