Art Painting: The Last Supper By Leonardo Da Vinci

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The Last Supper is painted by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1495-1498. This painting is painted on the wall of the refectory Santa Maria delle Brazie with a size of 30 feet by 14 feet. It is a Christian art painting of the Italian Renaissance period.

Some of the things being presented here, that I’ve observed; there are 13 men sitting around a rectangular room with a recessed panel in a ceiling and wall decoration on either side of the room. I would assume they are in a high building as I see a beautiful landscape setting throughout the windows.

From what I see, the dining table is covered with a white table cloth decorated with blue pattern, knotted on either side of the table. It seems like the table is supported by architectural legs. On the table,
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The apostles are seated in groups of three on the same side of the table whereas Jesus Christ is seated at the middle.

Looking across the picture of left to right. A man with short brown hair and tanned skin with a beard on face is believed to be Bartholomew. He is wearing a blue and green gown, standing with both hands placed on the table with stern expression while looking at Jesus.

Next to Bartholomew, there is a medium brown curly long hair with brown long beard, He is dressed in a red gown who is believed to be James Minor. In the painting, he look at Jesus in dismay or stunned expression then he extends his left hand to Jesus’s direction which looks like he is about to pat on someone else’s shoulder. While his right hand is placed in on the shoulder of the person next to him.

Andrew , who has white hair with white beard is dressed in a yellow gown covered with a a green cloth is surprised. He is facing Jesus, holding his hands up in a “stop!” gesture.

Judas, Peter and John form the next group of three. Peter, white short haired man with white beard is dressed in blue and orange gown. He bends his body towards Jesus while having a serious face expression. He is holding a knife with his right hand placed at the back of himself around the waist area whereas his right hand reach out to pat the person next to
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His name is Judas Iscariot and he is clutching a bag on his right hand while his other hand is placed on the table which seems like he is reaching for something like a salt pot. He is dressed in a blue and gray and blue gown, with a long piece of green fabric hanging on his left shoulder.

John, with fair complexion and golden brown hair is dressed in blue with a pink fabric hanging on his left shoulder. He tilted his head to the right which appears to be looking down to the table. John clenched his hands in a middle position and rest them on the table. He has a calm, stress-free and innocent face expression.

Jesus Christ is seated next to the second group of three. He is wearing a pendant around his neck and dressed in red and blue gown. He has a nice golden brown curly hair with long brown beard. Jesus seem to tilt his head to the right and letting out a sigh, he looks upset and depressed. Jesus’s arms is stretched wide open, both hands on the table with open palms which seems like he is reaching for something.

Next to Jesus Christ, there is another group of three which Thomas, James Major and Philip are seated together. In this painting, Thomas’s body appears to be hidden. He is talking to Jesus while pointing up his index finger with a suspicious face

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