Art Of War I And World War II Essay

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The exhibition title is The Art of War: Posters from World War I and World War II. There are twenty-four pieces of art works inside the exhibition. These posters tell a story during the time of World War I and II.
In general, on September 8, 2016, it was my first experience inside an art gallery. The composition of how the art works are arrange looks uniform because they were not clustered together. The wall has a high value color because of the white paint on the wall as well as the contrast the light gives. The entire exhibition room feels clean because of the space and the color paint that is used on the wall. As soon as I start looking at the art presentations, it makes me feel very emotional because everything was representing war, and I feel emotional numbness towards the art works because knowing it is a real event that took place. I have no experience on analyzing painting or art work during my visit at the Gallery, but as soon as we get half way through the semester. Furthermore, the exhibition affects me in a good way because at first, I have no experience in art, and neither do I have any interest in the field. However, because of the realism of the exhibition, it allows me to appreciate art more. For this reason, it helps me realize that a person does not have to read a book to tell a story. A person can tell a story by looking at a piece of art, and make assumption about the art work.
The exhibition visit has impacted my life in a good way because I find…

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