Art Of The Ancient Roman Empire Essay

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Before Rome came a small group of city-states collectively known as the Etruscans, a typically overlooked people that laid the foundation for Rome to rise as one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen. Etruscan people lived amongst the hills and central plains in Italy from around 900 to 400 BC. While their culture and way of life appear to be mysterious, thousands of translatable Etruscan texts as well as outside observations survive today to lend insight on the Etruscans. They are not as forgotten as most would assume, in fact, the amount of information on the Etruscans is no different than most other little-known archaic groups. From references and preserved works of art, we can delve into the land of Etruria and it’s people to understand it’s profound impact on the art of the ancient Roman empire that the modern world has become familiar with.
The region of Etruria grew exponentially over time, spreading from central Italy to either coast on the landmass, with the Etruscans originally founding notable cities of the time (ones even recognized today) such as Florence, Pisa, and Sienna. They thrived for hundreds of years as an innovatively rich culture. Language, art, music, technology, and trade across the Mediterranean were just a handful of the lavish commodities they enjoyed (Smith 2014, 1). Trade caused for interactions with other cultures, mainly Greek and Egyptian, which helped to inspire their style of art as well as language. Despite outside influence…

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