Narrative Essay About Swimming Analysis

The Art of Swimming Lessons
Trying a new activity for the first time can be challenging as well as a frightening experience. In our complex that we lived in at the time with many other families and children of the same age as me was an outdoor swimming pool, smack dab in the centre of houses. You couldn’t avoid it, its crystal waters gleaming at your through the fence that surrounded the pool. I enjoyed being in the water; that wasn’t the issue, the problem I faced was the deep, ominous depths of the deep end. I watched as the neighbouring children jumped into the deep end from the pool edge, their shrieks of laughter ran throughout as they splashed into the pool. I wanted to be up there with them, I wanted to be the one that participated in the jumping games. My mother taught me that at a young age an important skill to have was the ability to swim. At that moment in time I knew she was right and I was ready to learn. It all started when the children of the complex had retired inside for their evenings of supper and the watching of cartoons. My mom would tread water in the middle of the deep end; I on the other hand would
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Being a little nervous for my first lesson, I stood sheepishly by the side of the pool waiting for my instructor and fellow swim mates. Once the lessons commenced I began making a lot of new friends and the instructors were always patience and understanding. As soon as I entered high school my first incentive was to join the high school swim team, taking my now love of being in the water and swimming as exercise into consideration. It wasn’t as fun as I had hoped, the early morning and competitiveness really got to me, as opposing I really did enjoy the team meetings and opportunity to travel to various locations. I had realized that participating, as an athlete on a swim team wasn’t for me, I moved on to another

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