Art Of Rhetoric Analysis

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What is the Art of Rhetoric?

The art of rhetoric is the process used to persuade an audience to the speaker’s point of view. The Art of Rhetoric is found in many places: magazine, advertisements, documentaries, politicians’ speeches, comercials, and whenever a teanager is trying to get out of trouble. The art of Rhetoric is made up of Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

First, Ethos is the credibility of the speaker. The audience needs to know why they should trust what the speaker is saying. Ethos can be shown through work and life experiments, college degrees, awards, the character of the speaker, and when the speaker establishes common ground.

Next, when a speaker appeals to the emotions of the audience that is called Pathos. The speaker
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They start of by using people in the documentary to speak such as using Michelle Rhee. She talked about how she thought as a teacher for 3 years but never ran a school district.That explains that she had some experience with schools but not with a district.

They also used Bill strickland explaining how they waste more on prisoners then on schools. We are going to believe him because he’s an Education reformer. He has a background studying that so we most likely think he is giving us facts.

They also show in the documentary how it is hard to get in a good school because only 2 out of 5 were accepted and one of whom was accepted late. The director of the film has background knowledge because he has already done documentaries on schools. Sense he already directed a documentary on school we trust him to give us a trustworthy documentary. Those are some examples of Ethos in the documentary “Waiting for Superman”

2) Logos

Logos is one of the least shown thing in the film “Waiting for Superman”. An example of Logos that is shown in this documentary is explaining how in 1971 there was $4000 per student per every 36 years and in 2007 there is $9000 which is a little over double but student education is still the same. This explains logos because it shows information that is backed up with exact
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This is an average percentage on how a good teacher teaches almost 100% more than a bad teacher. This is backed up with information. The problem also is that they spend $100 million a year to host bad teachers in just New York. Most of the “logos” used in this documentary used charts of someone saying it outloud in an interview.

3) Pathos

This documentary “Waiting for Superman” what used most was Pathos. They used pathos in many different places. One of the many places they used pathos was in using only kids that are 7-13 years old. They did that to get into are emotions. They also had lots of sentimental places in this documentary such as when 3 of the kids did not get chosen and started crying. They made me feel sorry and more interested in the documentary after that.

They also make us hate tenure by showing how most teachers don 't care what they do after that. They make us feel hate because they are ruining a student 's life for not teaching. That is another way of pathos. Overall this documentary has a lot more ways they use pathos to make us feel connected with the

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