Art of Public Speaking Essay

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Lucas: The Art of Public Speaking, 8/e PREFACE If it is true, as Walter Pater said, that “a book, like a person, has its fortunes,” then fortune has indeed smiled upon The Art of Public Speaking. As the book enters its eighth edition, I am deeply appreciative of the students and teachers who have made it the leading work on its subject at colleges and universities across the United States. In preparing this edition, I have retained what readers have identified as the main strengths of previous editions. The book continues to be informed by classical and contemporary theories of rhetoric but does not present theory for its own sake. Keeping a steady eye on the practical skills of public speaking, it offers full coverage of all …show more content…
Accordingly, following Chapter 13, I have added a new appendix that explains how PowerPoint can be used to enhance a speech without either dominating it or enfeebling its content. This appendix explains the pluses and minuses of PowerPoint, how to plan where to employ PowerPoint in a speech, how to use the resources of PowerPoint most effectively, and how to work PowerPoint into the delivery of a speech smoothly and expertly. It also provides guidance for students with regard to the use of copyrighted materials on PowerPoint slides. Because PowerPoint is a visual medium, the appendix includes a five-minute informative speech on the Great Wall of China that illustrates the use of PowerPoint. This speech is available on the Student CD-ROM that accompanies the book, and it is reprinted in full--with commentary--at the end of the PowerPoint appendix. Finally, for students who need more guidance on the technical details of PowerPoint than can be covered in the appendix, the Online Learning Center website for The Art of Public Speaking includes step-by-step tutorials for both PowerPoint 2000 and PowerPoint 2002. The tutorials can be accessed at Taken together, the PowerPoint appendix, the CD-ROM, and the online tutorials provide the most comprehensive set of teaching materials for PowerPoint available with any speech textbook. I have worked hard to make sure they provide the kind of guidance students need to use

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