Art Of Nouveau And Art Deco ( 1925-40 ) Essay

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Art Nouveau (1890 – 1910) and Art Deco (1925-40) are two major graphic design art styles, during which combined many art forms in a new and enhanced way creating distinct themes. During these periods there were artists that employed each style reflecting, on how artist ideas and values had progressed. This essay compares and contrast these two art styles through the historical aspects of how these styles came into existence, the many cultural aspects and beliefs that helped create some of the main characteristics of these styles, the social aspects of these Graphic Design styles, and what the artist were trying to express in a creative way; through these many elements you are able to grasp an enhanced understanding of how these styles have had a lasting impact and influence on Graphic Design.
In some ways historically both Art Nouveau and Art Deco are essentially quite similar. Both of these styles emerged as a response to major events in the world. For Art Nouveau, that was the Industrial Revolution. This was a response to the fact that there was an industrial change that was happening rapidly. This revolution was the beginning of new manufacturing processes. Meanwhile, Art Deco emerged from World War I. This ended up giving way to new extravagance and opulent defining the Jazz Age. Another similarity between both of these movements was the fact that they were also transitory movements which debatably disappeared after the event of a war. Art Nouveau had ended shortly…

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