Art Museum Steps For The City Of Philadelphia Essay

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Art is something that has kept the city of Philadelphia such a huge tourist attraction. Besides the art museum steps that rocky runs up, and the fact that the Constitution and The Declaration of Independence were signed in the city, art from Philadelphia has had a huge impact on the art world. Graffiti, any writing or drawing that has been scratched or painted onto a wall or surface, usually in a public place, has been a large and long part of the art culture part of the art world in Philadelphia, it was considered a nuisance. With out graffiti in Philadelphia the Anti-Graffiti network would have never been founded. Mayor Wilson Goode created the Anti-Graffiti Network in 1984; Mayor Goode hired Darryl McCray, also known as Cornbread, to help inner city kids to stop tagging. Now it has evolved into a way for the city to “take back the city” from graffiti artist and beautify the city. Eventually The Anti-Graffiti Network evolved into The Mural Arts Program, which has created over 100 murals that beautify the city, tell stories and give the youth a creative out let. In the short term this appears to be the city trying to give youth an artistic outlet that helps the greater good, but in my opinion it was just a way to cover up all the graffiti.
One of the most controversial pieces that the mural arts group has supported to date are apart of a series entitled psychylustro by Katharina Grosse. This project was made to give the riders on SEPTA and Amtrak something interesting to…

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