Essay on Art, Just Like People Progressed

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Throughout time art, just like people progressed. Art went from being simple symbols, sketches, and drawings, to literature, sculptures, advance paintings and photos, etc. Each form of art present were use to tell a story, and explain what it was like to live within that time period. Also, showing how those people of that particular time thought. It was use as tool to keep structure and documentation of currents that were going on. As like today we too keep documentation through the same forms of art. Each Era new forms of technical skill were introduced to artist allowing them to become more innovated and their work more precise and direct. With new technical skill introduce such as using vast amount of shadowing and emotion, make portraits become realistic like a still image, such as photography. A viewer on the art would make out these forms to be revolutionary because it’s nerve been done and very current of that time; changing our views of art. The Romantics brought the human body and emotions to life. Instead of keeping such a vague story behind their artwork they became more creative. The use of literature being presented in their painting to simple gestures to represent love. The Romantics brought concept of the forbidden actions to the public; which is consider revolutionary. This change the view of art and how we look art our daily lives. By showcasing ones love within a painting, it shows that art comes in many forms and not just those that recite on biblical…

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