Art Is Inspired By The World Around It Essay

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Art is inspired by the world around it. The techniques, tools, and technology all effect how art is made at a certain point in time. Prehistoric men used cave walls to print their paintings, the subject matter usually being nature or the supernatural. Millions of years later, our artists are still being influenced by the world around them and the tools available. During the Industrial Revolution paint began being sold in tubes, and the realm of those who enjoyed and purchased art was expanded. Paintings have always been influenced by what was around the artists who painted them, and the invention of the camera was no different. The introduction of the camera into society has changed the direction of the visual characteristics of painting.

The timing of the camera was crucial in its success. At the time it was invented the art world was in somewhat of a standstill. Classicism, the more formal style of art was at a slow retreat and Romanticism had lost its initial momentum. However, some trends towards realism were about to emerge. With Social Realists in France, Pre-Raphaelites in England, and Landscapists in America; things were changing ( Its introduction was met with wide-eyed astonishment and excitement, as well as hostility. In 1840 an Australian newspaper said, “An invention has recently made public in Paris that seems more like some marvel of a fairy tale or delusion than a practical reality… The thing seems incredible.” Many people had something…

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