Art Is An Artist Life Essay

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What water is to human, art is to an artist “Life”. When I first registered to the course everyone started to tell me you should have taken another elective class, you don’t know how to draw nor to imagine what have you done, drop it and take something else. Today I am done with this course and I am really happy that I didn’t drop it. Art is not only drawing it has various broad. I learned a lot through this course, specifically how life is seen from another person’s view. The word contemporary is defined as art made and produced by artists living today or art since 1960’s. The most powerful is that the mediums reflect what is happening today and how it is revealed by today’s modern society. I learned how site specific art could design the whole imagination of the piece. For instance, this place I’ve done this and this and it reminds me of this and this; I used to it reflect and propose what I felt and what I thought of when I used this place. Too many stuff that I never thought of when I didn’t know art. It taught me how art can structure life and how artists can see painful, funny, realistic, social and many other issues from their own lens. In addition to, I learned how artists appreciated arts and they made it creative to us. For example, Martin Anderson, he taught us how to appreciate geometry of paintings at the museum. Another example, Kate Davis who focused on how sunlight bounces off museum walls and into the art can be reproduced. Moving forward, Stan Kaplan…

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