Art Is A Passion Essay

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Art has always been a passion of mine, no matter what the form. It has always been something that can appeal to all tastes, no matter how unusual they may be. I am often working on a collection of art projects ranging from things like drawing and painting, to music and video. Working on projects helps me express my creativity and I also find it relaxing working on things that I enjoy. Out of all the different forms of art I do, drawing is what I work on the most. Drawing is the basis for most art and can be as simple as making marks on a surface. It is one of the most common forms of art and has been around long before civilization when early humans would draw marks on cave walls. Whether it is making paintings, working with digital media, or creating plans for architecture the ability to draw is a necessity.
More often than not, I am on the go whether it be for work or
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Not only does seeing art in person help me in creating my own, but I found that the jobs I have had working at galleries has also helped to prepare me for working to appease the public. Here all types of people come wanting to have their work shown in the gallery, but the selection process is not easy. Understanding what people look for is a big part in creating art that is acceptable to the masses not just for my own entertainment.
I am an artist because I have learned art is the best way to bring my imagination to life. Where it may be difficult to express thoughts in to words, visual art can pull people into an alternate world. It can serve as an escape for reality which everyone needs at one time or another, especially with everything that is happening throughout the world today. Artists can remind people of their dreams and passions unbound by language or race and serve as a means to inspire the

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