Essay on Art Is A Form Of Expression Of Historical Life Events

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Art is a form of expression of historical life events. It can be portrayed in painting and writing in the form of calligraphy on walls, sculptures or steles. Art is interesting to learn and study, especially prehistory arts, which can tell story of history that is thousands of years ago. The story behind each art is fascinating and interesting to compare with other arts in terms of message, purpose and reason. Although arts can be used to replicate or duplicate from one period to the next, with careful examination, precise details of artworks can tell which art belongs to which period. For instance, Kroisos Kouros has the Archaic smile which is in the Archaic Greek period. In art, the sculptor or artist can portray the message in the form of painting, stele or sculpture. In painting of war, for example, each image portrays a story which entails-who is the victor, how enemy is portrays, what feelings it creates, and what purpose it serves.
Stele of Naram-Sin and Alexander Mosaic are two piece of arts I am going to compare and contrast in terms of finding the victor, the enemy, the feelings and the purpose of the art. The sculpture of stele of Naram-Sin dated in 2254-2218 BCE in the period of Mesopotamia. Weapons and deaths are emblems of war. Hierarchical scaling is used in the image. For example, Naram-Sin is at the top of a wooded mountain and, as a significant figure in the image, he is bigger and larger than anyone else. Naram-Sin’s soldiers were discipline and well…

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