Essay on Art History / Visual Arts

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I am grateful that my exposure to art came at an early age. I used to sit in my father’s kitchen, mirroring his movements as he sketched scenes from life in Mississippi. My sister and I would think of titles for his paintings as they dried on the living room floor. My initial curiosity for his work eventually developed into a genuine desire to explore the arts further. After finding my own path through art history, honing my artistic skills, and expanding my knowledge of different cultures, I have noticed the ways in which these topics intersect with one another. Now looking toward the next step in my life post-graduation, I believe my purpose is to make art and culture more accessible – providing the tools needed to understand and contextualize art objects to promote dialogue related to exhibitions.
Equipping myself with a sufficient background was the first step in realizing my purpose. Through my Art History/Visual Arts interdisciplinary major, I was able to approach the subject from varying perspectives due to my interest in non-Western art. Studying genres such as contemporary Chinese art, African masks, and Mesoamerican sculptures helped me to develop cross-cultural comparisons and discover similarities. Incorporating visual arts into my major allowed me to learn new techniques and experiment with different media. These acquired skills proved valuable during my time as a Museum Education Assistant at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art (BCMA). I was able to explain the…

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