Analysis Of Maya Angelou's And Still I Rise

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Still I Rise is one of 32 poems that Maya Angelou wrote in her book And Still I Rise. When I saw first saw the title of the poem I was immediately interested and reading it was inspirational, so I decided to write my art critique on it. I choose this poem because I could relate to it because no matter what happens in my life I always keep positive and know better days are ahead. I like this poem because it focuses on a hopeful determination to rise above difficulty and discouragement. Still I rise is a motivational and inspiration poem that motivates you to press and regardless you shall rise.
Maya Angelou (Margunite Annie Johnson) was born in the US in the state St. Louis Missouri in 1928 on April 4th and died in the year 2014 at the age
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She also talks about how people can degrade women especially we black women in society however she writes that it won’t stop them/her from rising. In each line that author writes each line or
Rogers 2 question throughout the essay with a very strong and determined voice. Throughout the poem the writer uses simile (“like dust, I’ll rise), metaphor (“I’m a black ocean, leaping & wild”) and personification (“You may shoot me you words, you may cut me with your eyes you may kill me with your hatefulness”) were used to make the poem so powerful.
The poem consists of 9 stanzas and 43 lines. In the first stanza Maya Angelou expresses how she doesn’t care what society writes down in history about her. Even if they trod her in dirt even then she shall rise above the lies and if they trod her in dirt. The second stanza she starts it off with a question. With this question the authors tone is indeed sassi it shows that the writer is aware of the answer to the question. Also she questions society about why does her success bother
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Within them she uses metaphors often used to show her determination in her words. Still I Rise is a very inspirational and powerful poem. This poem was written to inspire women to rise above all the issues society throws at them to stay strong and determined. Still I Rise is very inspirational because as I did research on the author it made me realize that we can do anything we put our minds to. Society will always put pressure on us but it is us as not only women but as people to stay strong and determined in this world to rise and become the best we can be. With that said she inspired me more with this poem and research that I indeed shall

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