Art Creativity Without Strategy

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“Creativity without strategy is called art, creativity with strategy is called advertising” (Jef I. Richards). Advertising is a complex art that requires a great deal of strategy and attention to detail. Marketers use a variety of techniques to appeal and persuade different audiences that they want their product to be aimed towards. If not effectively done, like Jef I. Richards said, it is just art. An ample part of advertising is reaching out to a targeted audience. If you are speaking to people who are less interested in the product, they would obviously be less likely to invest. For example, an outdoorsman store just got a shipment of the best rifles on the market, but they advertised in the city to a bunch of elderly women. While they may …show more content…
This ad is for Aqua Lung and they sell scuba gear, along with different aquatic equipment. On the page, there is an ordinary guy standing on a dock that leads to a gorgeous looking ocean. The background is bright which is centering your attention much like the first advertisement above, and the only dark colors are on the subject, which depicts his old life as boring or dull. The creator of this ad included many aspects to catch the desire of adventurism like small islands, a clear blue ocean and the fact that the subject is going scuba diving. By doing this, the creator is trying to appeal to the viewer 's fantasies and desires. At the bottom of the page there is a skateboard and the subject is also dressed in everyday clothes. Skateboarding itself is pretty daring but the ad is telling the viewer to leave your old hobbies behind, invest in our scuba gear, and try something new and exciting. The dock is basically leading the viewer to the destination. There is no other way, but into this wonderful lifestyle. This technique is very effective because it creates the illusion that you are on a vacation in paradise. Every adult wants to get away from their everyday life and job so this will attract not only the adrenaline junkies, but also the hard working, stressed adults. Above the subject in the picture, it says, “Go beyond your world.” The ad is trying to get the consumer to come out of their personal bubble, everyday life, and to do something different. Around the statement is a heartbeat line, which is something else that contributes to the appeal of an adrenaline rush because when you are doing something exciting, your heartbeat is faster. The main focus is the skateboarder with scuba gear in the middle of the ad because they want you to notice their product. The background just assists in showing where you would use the

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