Art Class 's Field Trip At The Minneapolis Institute Of Art Essay

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Museum Overview
Since the beginning of the semester I looked forward with great anticipation to the ART class’s field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It had been since the late 1980’s since I had been there. It’s hard to believe that such a magnificent building was right out my back door and I had not frequented it. Driving separately that day I parked in the surface are parking for mia guests. Walking up the sidewalk toward the building one could not help but noticed the magnificent architectural structure of the buildings not to mention the addition I had never seen before that was built around 2006.
There were approximately 10 school busses dropping of various ages of elementary school children. My first initial reaction was “oh no, it is going to be crazy in there today with all these noisy young children”. Hence, I watched the children enter the building first, then as I walked through the glass doors I was greeted by an extremely nice gentleman who asked me my plans for the day. Explaining to him whom my college class was, he proceeded with giving me the plans and the meeting location for my class. The museum workers where friendly, confident in the information they delivered and passionate.
There were two pieces that captured my eye at the same time. They were the Round Back Folding Chair, 16th century huanghuali, hardwood and the Standing Screen with marble panel, 17th century huanghuali, tielimu and marble from the Ming and/or Qing Dynasty’s.…

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