Art Censorship: Why Graffiti Should Be Considered an Accepted from of Art

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Art Censorship: Why Graffiti Should Be Considered an Accepted Form of Art

Imagine almost 50 years ago an art form was invented that changed the whole dynamic of art. Graffiti became the most talked about topic during the 1960s. Young artists used graffiti as a way to express themselves. It was also used by political activists and gangs to make statements. Graffiti was a way to spread messages; not only that, it was a competition. Artists were on the come-up and took every opportunity to demonstrate their talent. Tagging, the signing of an artist’s name or a representation of themselves, was one of the most popular uses of graffiti. The artists would tag as many subways and trains as possible. They were paving their way to fame and
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“Graffiti is VANDALISM, a CRIME, a NUISANCE, a BLIGHT-” according to Portland Police Department (Graffiti). Of course painting in an unauthorized area is illegal, so that does make graffiti a crime, but referring to it as a nuisance is a little far fetched. Portland Police Department also state in their article that “Graffiti sends the signal that nobody cares about a neighborhood, and then attracts other forms of crime and blight to that area.” (Graffiti) That statement is a perfect example as to why a large portion of society is convinced that graffiti is a terrible act committed by careless people. Later on in the article, another negative idea is stated. “Graffiti decreases a resident’s feeling of safety.” (Graffiti) Why would any type of art make someone feel unsafe unless it was extremely obscene? People see graffiti and instantly think negative about what they’re looking at. If those people would actually take the time to notice the emotion, political message, or maybe just the talent of the artist who created the graffiti, then surely society wouldn’t be so quick to see it as a disturbance to communities. According to James Prior, graffiti is not at all how it used to be. It was much more gang related years ago, but now it is meant to serve as positive pieces to communities “-adding to the concrete jungles of the world with a positive message turning concrete streets into walks of art.”

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