Art As Visual Representation And Expression Essay

1088 Words May 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
Art as visual representation and expression has a long and polemical history in politics and contemporary social activism. Often times it is used as means to express discontent and rally public attention towards a certain cause, other times it is involved in political protests and movements throughout the modern era and the linkages between aesthetics and politics, art and propaganda have been long debated(Eyerman 2013:Web). All forms of art and artistic expression, from the theater to drawing, painting, music, etc., serve important functions in political protest. Some aim to provide knowledge and unanimity within a group of protesters, others as a way to inform those who are not currently involved in the protest what the protest is all about. Works of visual representation are vastly important in creating and communicating a collective narrative, articulating who we are, where we come from, what we stand for, and what we are against. Art forms part of the text and texture of political protest, and once systematized and objectified serves as a bridge between movements, past, present and future(Eyerman 2013:Web). One such artist whose works are recognizable by most and all conflict or protest driven is Banksy. An England-based artist, his real identity, an impressively well kept secret, Banksy is also a philosopher of sorts, a film director, and a political activist often speaking out against colonization, capitalism, consumerism, war, theism, totalitarianism, and fascism…

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