Art As A Powerful Instrument For People Essay

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Art throughout history has been a powerful instrument for people to express their emotions. It also serves an important role as to the way events are documented in history. Art is particularly powerful due to the many forms that it can be created in. There are many forms of art, which include poetry, music, books and theater. These various forms of art have the capability to capture the emotion of an event and provide the audience with the ability to understand what the artist felt at that time. When creating art the artist is trying to provide the audience with a viewpoint in which they can transport themselves in their own mind and feel the emotion of that situation as if they were there. The goal of most artists is to get the audience to relate to their work and visualize themselves in what the artist is trying to convey in their work. Art is unique because no matter the time period when the art is created, the audience will still be able to infer what the exact emotions of that time were. History has shown that art is an important aspect of life because it plays a vital role in the function of society. Individuals are able to utilize the power of art to connect different cultures and people throughout time.
The idea of art may be perceived as an outlet in which people can express themselves freely. When looking at the modern poets in the Armenian culture, it is clear that they used their poems, to express the trials and tribulations that they were experiencing. These…

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