Essay about Art As A Form Of Art

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Sculpture is a form of visual art that has been used throughout human history. It involves the process of taking items, and constructing a three dimensional form. People have been applying this form of art when they wanted to praise their gods, leaders, or heroes. Also when they wanted to display their feelings and desires into their work. Some artists even stick items together randomly just to see what the outcome would look like.
Woodcarving is a form of art that is cheap, and easily available. However it won’t last as long as stone and metal due to its defenselessness against water, bugs, and fungi, so it is mainly used for indoor use. The advantage of using it, though, is that it is easy to carve than stone. Africans have used wood to carve masks and statues. Europeans have used wood to make religious items for churches (Wood Carving and Sculpture). Stone is a more weather resistant material. There are soft and hard stones. The softer ones are easier to carve with. You carve stone by first taking out chunks of it and making a rough shape. The sculptor then uses special tools to make it into the desired shape (Stone Sculpture (c.30, 000 BCE - present)). Using metal for sculpture is a complicating process involving several steps. For the lost wax method which has been used since 5000 BC, artists use clay which has been molded into the shape they want their sculpture to be, along with wax, and hot bronze to create the final result. Or artists could simply bend metal and…

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