Essay on Art, Art And Art

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In addition, art is liberating more than mystifying because when I went to the art museum in Washington D.C, the National Gallery of Art. Going into the East building where the modern art was located, seeing the huge space and objects that were in the museum was relaxing. I went to the museum with my parents and they were just looking around the art pieces in the museum as I did and enjoying their time in the museum. As we all looked to the art pieces, we observed and had our own interpretation of the pieces, it relaxed our minds and it took us away from the stress that was happening in our everyday lives. Which why I find art more liberating than mystifying. Art means the expression from human experience on whether they created the artwork, or observing the artwork. According to John Dewy, “art is remitted to a separate realm, where it is cut off from that association with the materials and aims of every other form of human effort, undergoing, and achievement” (Dewy). Meaning that the artwork itself would already have a sense of feeling, despite the work that was put into it. In addition, when artworks are separated from two different conditions such as the origin and operation experience, it builds a part on their general significance which also involves the deals of aesthetics (Dewy). Those were views of what art means according to the readings, but in my view, art means the appreciation of a handmade object from artists who invested their time in the artwork, as well…

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