Art Appreciation Essay

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Art Appreciation- Painting Analysis

Jacob Lawrence, Going Home. 1946.

I never realized that art played such an important aspect in our everyday lives.

It is my belief that people take art for granted. From a global perspective, art

would be better appreciated if more time and effort was devoted to it. Art is about

helping people understand life and expressing themselves. In just a short time of

me studying art, I am able to take notice of all the different colors that are put

together. With my new found knowledge of art, now when I look at a painting I

try to imagine what the artist was thinking about when he decided to paint the


The painting by Jacob Lawrence GOING HOME, (1946), is an
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Everything was in relation to one another and as a whole the painting was joined together. There was nothing in the picture that seemed like it did not belong.

There is plenty of contrast in his work. The artist uses dark against light colors. For example, the yellow orange color that was used for the men’s clothing gives the picture a little warmth along with the black that is used on some of the suits. To bring out some more color, a little white

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