Essay about Art And The Bible : Art

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Art in the Bible Is art in the bible? Would God understand our art or want us to create art? Francis Schaeffer explains all of this in the short book, Art and the Bible. There are many opinions and views on art in a Christian life, or from biblical point of view that argue if art and the bible is considered acceptable. Schaeffer goes in depth on; Art in the bible, different perspectives on art and the bible, and how we are as individuals linked to both art and the bible. When you look at the Bible, does it contain pieces of art? Francis Schaeffer says it does, more than once. The biggest piece of art in the bible is when Jesus commanded Moses to build the Tabernacle and when David is directed by God on how to build the temple. In Art and the bible it says, “God himself showed Moses the pattern of the Tabernacle. In other words, God was the architect, not man”(Art and the Bible, 1973, p21). Schaeffer also talks about the temple, “Once more, Scripture insists that the plan derived from God”, “David knew how to build the temple because God told him. In fact, David said that God made him understand in writing what the temple was to look like”(Art and the Bible, 1973, p25). Just as Schaeffer shows the different buildings that were built directly from Gods command, art is in the bible, the entire bible is filled with different forms of art, and these are just a few large pieces of art in the bible. Schaeffer addresses different perspectives on art and…

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