Art And Snapshot Aesthetic : Jen Schwarting 's Exhibit Essay

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Three words to describe Jen Schwarting’s exhibit are Appropriation, narrative art and snapshot aesthetic. The narrative element is interwoven into the exhibit. The artist provides spectators with the general story of the subjects, drunk girls. However viewers are clueless to the individualized stories of the girls. As well as the relationship between the subjects and the photographers. Viewers can’t help but create or ponder the possibilities of the relationship the that exists between them. The exhibit is also part of appropriation art, as mentioned earlier these works include an element of photograph. The arts took photographs from a public domain and transformed them to make them seem like photographs encased in a painting or another form of abstract digital art, with the intention of capturing viewers attention. One of the arts goals was to get viewers to look at the photographs longer than a second. The exhibit contains elements of snapshot aesthetic art; while the artist herself did not take the pictures someone did and the photos don’t seem strategically planned they appear as if it just occurred in a moment and someone took the opportunity to capture this real event. There is any great detail accompanied with these works of art the viewer is left to form their own opinions of the situation.
The artwork in the show was of photographs taken digitally and encased in a more panting like as well as digital frame or surrounding. First she wanted the images to command…

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