Art And Its Influence On Society Essay

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Art is considered to be a power in many ways. People since long time ago believe that art is something represent their beliefs, their thought and their love. Art can be a communication tool that can translate the beliefs of many people. From the beginning of time, people used art as a tool to express their feelings and show it other. Many religions use art to picture their gods, and they worship the art they make because these art represent their gods. Amida Buddha as an example was and still representing in art structure and people worship his idol or fetish. In The Middle Ages, art was just a religious structure and they worship them. The amount of art that is related to a faith or beliefs may fill an entire library, because almost every religion uses art in a way or another show their beliefs. Even in the worship places, you will always find very well structured and looks fantastic, and that help to raise people’s spirits above the problems of daily life. The cathedral becomes a representation of the Christian belief in a way no one can imagine.
Art is one of the tools to touch people emotions. Many art structure made to for the specific group of people, and reach out people’s feeling. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is made to touch The American people’s feelings and help them to heal their souls after The Vietnam War. Some architecture made to make people cry, because it reminds them about the happy or sad past. Some art structure interacts with people’s feeling and make…

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