Art And Its Influence On Art Essay

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Art is a term that cannot be defined incorrectly, art can have many definitions but some will be better than others. Art plays an important role in many people lives, it motivates the human brain by making people react with their emotions. It also provides many people with source of creation and self-expression. Art is very subjective and it has a different meaning to many people, but it is also at a continuous state of change. A way that art can be defined is through form and content (Wollheim, Art). The elements of art, the materials used by an artist to create a work of art and the foundation of design are commonly referred to as form. When evaluating a work of art a person would describe the use of color, space, line, and value which are the elements of art (Wollheim, Art) . Second, they would explain the foundations of the design expressing the use of contrast, balance, emphasis and proportion. Form can be utilized towards any work of art by any artist. Content is the definition of the artist’s work and how people respond to the implied and the real message of the work of art. Many different artists use art as their platform for self-expression of their daily lives and what they have been through which can be a source of motivation for a viewer where they can relate to the artist or jest learn more about their work of art. In this essay different female artists and their work of art will be explained based on form and content, the artists will also be compared based on…

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