Art And Its Impact On Art Essay

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Logically speaking, all human beings to certain extent experience a level of emotional satisfaction. One way this can take place would be is in regards to art. Art is not just seen as some form of expression or a creative skill that it is done by a human being, but it also brings a beauty within it. Art delivers a message, art forces us to imagine things that we have never think or taught before. There quite a set of arts out there that makes us question “is there more than meets the eye’’ And this is one of the most fascinating things about art, the kind of approach and differences that people have among each other’s makes the art world makes more exciting as people share their views against one another. Part of what art delivers is what we call a conversation, in which things that were put into one’s art work. Often conversations do happen between two or more people. But a conversation being in this case is what it is that the artist is specifically delivered in their art. There are quite few type of arts that I’ve looked at that really intrigued me. One being the Sedan Chair, this particular art work is a composite of many diverse materials: - wood , leather slick , paint, canvas gold gift, iron, cooper alloy tacks and horse hair , rush and straw stuffing. When I first looked at this art, it does not look like anything but a closet, because of how it looked. But as I take a closer look I can see the small details that was put in. what really surprised me about…

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