Art And Illusion And Art Essay

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Throughout the being this class I have learned about many artists, their specific genres, and how they contributed to the art society as a whole. Some of the major artists that have made a space in my mind, that I had no knowledge of knowing before are Marcel Duchamp, Jason Pollack, Marina Abramović, and Julian Beveer. These artist are mentioned in the textbook relating them to the type of artwork they do. Nevertheless, I have pick chapters 4.5 Art and Illusion and 4.7 Art and War. Just with the title Art and Illusion made me excited to want to read and learn about the chapter. The combination of Art and Illusion I think do hand in hand perfectly. As well with chapter 4.7 Art and War with most of the artworks in that chapter showing great horrors of war. Both of the chapters had different words explaining each of the artworks and the strategies used for each of them. Overall, though two of the chapters were very interesting and great to learn about, the different works of art created by different artists, at the same time still keeping their theme alike was something I looked into most. In both chapters the three works of art that really liked were “The Bar at Folies-Bergere” by Edouard Manet in the year 1882. The painting was an oil on canvas, Julian Beever’s “Women in the Pool” created in 1992 in Brussel Belgium, and “Night Attack on the Sanjo Palace” which was a hand scroll made with ink and color on paper, created in the 13th century. The chapter Art and Illusion is to…

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