Essay about Art And Freedom Of Expression

2023 Words Jan 29th, 2015 9 Pages
For centuries art is what brought the eye closer to reality. Art and freedom of expression extremely complement each other. The freedom to express anything through art has been around longer than the freedom to express through writing. New ways of making art are being created all the time for instance around the early 1900 's when printmaking first started; one of its many uses was to be used as political awareness. For example, many people in the towns of Mexico were illiterate, so these satirical illustrations socially engaged the viewer by using skulls to represent the oppressing government at the time and helped them make up what was going on around them politically. Artists all over the world whether it being a discrete underground street artist to a well becoming art student at a prestigious university something is expected out of the works that are done.While political agendas get in the way of privacy issues and freedom of speech. Being righteous or blasphemy, every artist expects a reaction out of their work, yet the line that determines offensive and self-expression has been blurred.
The forms of self-expression are endless ranging from; exercise, art, music, dancing, style, acting, and even writing. Many artists get criticized for exposing everyday nature that has been blindfolded by today’s society, yet so many big corporations can freely target the consumer in more degenerate ways. Bansky, a known U.K based street artist in today’s modern contemporary art.…

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