Art And Architecture : Influence On Culture Essay

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Art and architecture are huge influences on culture. Furthering movements of all different sorts is the goal of many artists in American history. Artists react to events as they occur, voicing their opinion through visuals rather than words. Sometimes the opinions of the artists reflect the public opinion, and sometimes they reveal reality. Art and architecture are important to U.S and world history, not just for understanding the past, but interpreting the present.
The Colonial period was a critical time in American History that would shape the remaining course of U.S history. Johannes Stradanus painted Amerigo Vespucci Awakens a Sleeping America from Nova Reperta which portrays the awakening of America by Europe, as if it was not already inhabited. The period lasts from around 1500-1650; relations with Native Americans and establishing life in the New World dominated art in this period. Relations between the first Europeans and Natives were strained. They had completely different cultures and different ideas and beliefs. The Europeans were feeling the enlightenment that came along with the European Renaissance when they traveled to America. They reached the land to discover a foreign culture they knew nothing about and could not understand. This confusion turned to hostility fairly quickly sculpting European ideas that natives were inferior devils who needed to be converted to Christianity or killed. Images of evil Natives can be found in many works of art. John…

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