Art Analysis: Starry Night And The Starrry Night

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Art Investigation
Describe and Analyze: Starry Night is one of Vincent Van Gogh, a French post-impressionist, many famous paintings and is also the most well-known. This painting was created in 1889 and is an oil on canvas landscape painting. According to Wikipedia Vincent Van Gogh painted this painting while in an asylum and is actually a view out of his window. Today, Starry Night is owned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, New York and has been since 1941.
The night sky background was the first to catch my attention. It takes up most of the page and consists of whirly clouds, bright stars, and an even brighter moon that are painted in the bold colors of blue, white, black and yellow. The brush strokes can be easily seen in the painting,
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This painting is actually a view out of his window. This was a very dark time of his life and these dark emotions are expressed through all aspects of the painting. A video on furthermore analysis how his feelings are portrayed through his painting. In Starry Night, the small European town isn’t as bright, some buildings are brighter than others. The church, in particular, is the darkest building and this could be because of Vincent personal struggle with religion. The night sky is the brightest part of the painting and this light overcomes darkness. This light could symbolize Vincent hope and the darkness could be another visual symbolism of his depression. Though the night sky brightens the painting, darkness is still …show more content…
I 'm not really into art and didn’t know much about it. I chose what interest me based on how it made me feel, rather I thought it was pretty, and if it caught my attention and Starry Night did every single one of those things. But after researching this art piece and learning more about it, I am now more appreciative and in love with this painting than I was before. Most people may look at this painting the same way as I did and not realize this painting is more than just a pretty picture. If you look at it as Vincent Van Gogh perspective like I do now, this is a life story. Way more than just a pretty picture! I guess it’s true when people say pictures are worth a thousand

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