Art Analysis Of Beasley Street By Nicole Eisenman

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Step 1: Describe
In 2007, Nicole Eisenman painted a 65 ¼ x 82 1/8 in. oil painting on a canvas, which she called Beasley Street. Beasley Street depicts a road where many people are hanging out. The scene features many unusual elements, including a woman with monster hands and a monkey around her neck. The first group that catches my attention is the two people who are pushing two women in wheelchairs, but the people who are pushing the wheelchairs are completely covered head-to-toe in what looks like bandages. Along the back fence there are multiple people who do not match what the other people in the painting are wearing. Their clothes are more revealing in comparison with the other women in the painting who are wearing long, modest dresses.
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No one in the painting is showing any emotions and all the faces are very stoic. I believe this is a statement towards how people are put in situations that appear to be lively and fun but they are really not happy to be there, they are just there because everyone else is and they don’t want to be left out. Beasley Street looks like a lively street filled with many types of people and experiences, but no one seems to be having a good time or interacting. Many different scenes depicted in the painting do not make sense. For example, the women in the wheelchairs, who appear to be healthy, should be pushing the people who are bandaged. The woman with the monster hands and monkey around her neck should not have either of those things because they are very out of place in the painting. Since the trees are bare and it appears to be nighttime during the winter, the people who are standing along the fence in minimal clothing should be freezing, but they appear to be unaffected by the circumstances. Some men are helping a seemingly drunk man from out of the alley and a little boy seems to be begging to a woman on

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