Arrenged Somali Wedding Essay examples

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Organizational Method : Topical
Topic : “Arranged Marriage: Somaliland Marriage (Hargeisa)

General Purpose : To Inform

Specific Purpose : To Inform my audience about the Arranged Somali Marriage.
Central Idea : the three Amazing interesting in Somali Marriage are Couple’s may engage without seeing each other, Before she is Born by making arrangement with her and its very useful in Somali traditional
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The relatives of the Man are coming to the Woman’s relative with her place. Mehr is a token commitment of the husband's relative responsibility and may be paid in cash, property or movable objects, The amount of mehr is not legally specified can be any amount. 1. According to Ministry of Culture 2002. Ministry of culture nd customs. The Men not dressed in Westernized clothing such as jeans and t-shirts, men typically wear the macawis, which is a sarong-like garment worn around the waist. On their heads, they often wrap a colorful turban or wear the koofiyad, an embroidered fez.- which stands for the prosperity that a bride is expected to bring to her new family. 2. Women usually wear the guuntino, a long stretch of cloth tied over the shoulder and draped around the waist. In more formal settings such as weddings. Mehr is considered to be Sunnah or traditional Somali. 3. This event is very colourful and full of traditional songs and dances.

III. The actual Nikaha ceremony is traditionally done by the bride's side its traditional and most important thing. A. The nikaha ceremony is presided over by the Qathi, or law officer. He appoints two men as witnesses (Marag) on the groom's behalf, to receive orders for the nikaha from the bride's family. 1. According to an article on marriage traditions in Somalia published in a

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