Arranged Marriages Are A Type Of Marital Union Essay

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Arranged marriages are a type of marital union in which the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. Arranged marriages are the norm in many parts of the world. In more recent times, arranged marriages are common in south Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America, and even in Royal families. In most arranged marriages the families or close relatives are the ones to set the meet between the two families. Sometimes, matchmakers or matrimonial agencies are used, and newspaper advertisements are often published in the search for a spouse. Research on arranged marriages reveal several cultural componets such as, the procedures that take place, the problems that occur, and the success rate arranged marriages have.
There are several types of arranged marriages, and each culture has developed their own rules and rituals regarding introductions, courtships, and negotiations. First, it is known by the parents that they are looking for someone for their boy or girl. Usually the news is circulated through parties and events. After someone has been chosen to be a potential spouse for their son or daughter, the two families will exchange what is known as “Biodata”. Biodata usually contains family names, dates of birth, occupations, educational qualifications, and also siblings and relatives. Then if the biodata is approved, the boys family gives a proposal. Now the boys family will meet with the girls family. Usually without the boy until at least the third…

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