Arranged Marriage Throughout The World Essay

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Arranged Marriage Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of arranged marriage in the world. Almost 70% of the population gets married with family arranged marriage. However, the rates vary greatly by regions, based on the (Ethiopian population council and United Nation For Population Activates, (UNFPA)); fifty percent of the marriages are in the Amhara region arranged by family members. In rural region two out five girls from fourteen years old to sixteen years old agree the marriage through their family married arrangement. (Hervish, Alexandria. "Despite Challenges, Ending Early Marriage in Ethiopia Is Possible.") Population Reference Bureau, 4 Apr. 2011 Most Parents in the rural regions accept this traditional marriage practice since the early time but the brides and the bridesmaids are not happy and satisfied with this traditional practice. Most of the girls refuse to get married by family arranged marriage even though the marriage will bring an income for the parents. Also, the bride’s future life wil l be determined by the wealth of the groom. Traditionally, men have a right to choose their future wife. However, forty five percent of arraigned marriages in Ethiopia end in divorce within the first five years because the girls tend to get married without their choice. At this point, people should be aware that arranged marriage can lead to unstable life and divorce.

To start with, couples who get married in this kind of backward culture marriage divorce rates are very…

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