Monologue Of Daria Essay

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I am not sure how I want to address the letter that Hannah wrote me below.... To sit and address what she claims is almost comical, but right on par with what to expect. She now all of a sudden doesn 't want to talk to me; but that didn 't stop her, her family nor her husband from texting or calling weeks ago or throwing the fact that she served me papers in my face as some insult.

Hannah stands in the way, ignores every action she takes, finds only ways or opportunities to blame me and that 's fine if that makes her feel better. If DFACS 's was called on behalf of the children or if the school initiated something, a few important things should be considered. The amount of time Hannah is involved with the children and continued attempts
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That was a no-win situation for me. I had to take some things into consideration. For one, I didn 't want to upset Peyton after her performance should I see her, but I had to worry that Nolan would want to go back as well. Hannah 's entire family, extended family, her husbands family and others were there; Nolan already wanted to leave as the music was "hurting his ears" but Hannah and her family have shown they will try anything to get the kids with them and when its just me against the armada that is her family? I already explained my reasons for leaving to Peyton that night and the next, but I guess that is a subject often emphasized by Hannah to …show more content…
Well, she approved it. I made her aware, she didn 't have a problem with it, I have it in writing. Only after I had moved, was it a problem. The trend being, saying one thing, agreeing to one thing, responding and doing another. In regards to moving? Yes, I have had to move, and I have not had the luxury of living with my parents or essentially having an "arranged marriage" to her now husband. Which is another subject.

Why is she counting the number of times I have moved or people that have met the children? If she wants to be accurate, then the children have met four (4) individuals in the three years since I have been separated a divorced. Hannah never went through that process because she started dating her husband sometime in the Fall of 2010.

So I didn 't have the built-in benefit of having someone already lined up, three months after returning from deployment. Then again, Hannah had hundreds of messages to her now husband the day after we separated and even went to Stone Mtn. w/ her husband less than two weeks after we separated. I am sorry I am not perfect, not many are. So unless Hannah has the book of morals written or wants to justify her actions, she needs to be a little less concerned with mine. It 's not as if the children are just randomly meeting people off the street, and it 's been three

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