Arranged Marriage Does It Different From Love Marriage? Essay

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Imagine a sunny day, with bright green grass. A girl and her friends are hanging out, running around having a good old time. A couple minutes later she is told to join her parents in the living room, with her is a man she 's only met maybe once. They are both then told that they will be married to each other. They 're both young, scared, they believe they 're not ready. They 're both in love with someone else, they 're unsure, sad and very confused, but they don’t say no because they know that’s how this works. This is an example of arranged marriage, but what is arranged marriage really? How is it different from love marriage? Arranged marriage is exactly what it sounds like and has existed everywhere in this world for many years, from ancient time to todays modern world. In more recent times arranged marriage is more common in the middle eastern cultures such as Pakistan, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and other similar Asian countries.
Arranged marriage is sometimes confused and mixed with forced marriage, what most people don 't know is that there are many different types and forms of arranged marriage.

Pure Arranged Marriages - Is one of the most common forms of arranged marriage in which the bride and groom are not involved in the choosing of each other. The parents of the groom are to find their son a woman they feel are “worthy” to be with their son. The parents then contact the bride 's parents and come to an agreement and then discuss the new arrangements…

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