Essay Arranged Marriage By Chitra Divakaruni

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An arranged marriage is defined as a marriage planned and agreed to by the families or guardians of the bride and groom, who have little or no say in the matter themselves. In Chitra Divakaruni’s novel, Arranged Marriage, numerous short stories illustrate a visual image of how arranged marriage is a different experience for each individual and how it can be described as both a positive and negative experience. Be that as it may, personally, an arranged marriage would be an approach I would avoid, seeing as though not only are my family dynamics different, but also a relationship builds off first impressions and encounters—something lacked in arranged marriages.

In any relationship, first impressions are practical in determining whether or not to continue in interactions with one another. However, in arranged marriages, the bride or groom don’t really interact with one another until they’re already committed to the marriage. In the short story, “Clothes”, a young Indian women, Sumita, is promised her hand in marriage by a man named Somesh, an Indian man who is living in America. This idea of the unknown is expressed when Deepali says, “Look at her, already dreaming about her husband, and she hasn’t even seen him yet!” (Divakaruni, 17). Deepali’s quote elaborates on the truth behind arranged marriages, as most of the time those in an arranged marriage have no experience with one another. Personally, this approach for something as significant as marriage doesn’t…

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