Arranged Marriage By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Essay

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Tien Nguyen
Professor Tanya Carrell
ESL 5: Advanced Composition and Reading
27 July 2015

Arranged Marriage
In the Arranged Marriage book, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni describes all the aspects of marriage. The book is a collection of eleven stories. The stories are diverse in the themes such as starting over again, surviving an adversity, transformation of a strong woman, domestic violence. Not only women but also their family members have to cope with the realism, relationship, and the contrast between the cultures when the women have an arranged marriage.
Divakaruni paints the lives of the women in detail in the arranged marriage and points out the realities of life after marriage. The vast majority of these women became dislocated both emotionally and geographically. The story “The Bats” is an excellent example of the realism. The mother, a typical Indian woman, is stuck up in prejudice and social stigma. She has difficulty shedding off the past and moving towards a renewed life and vision away from the patriarchal society. The young child, her daughter, is caught between an abusive father and a helpless mother. The young girl realizes that her “mother cried a lot” and sees the sound of her mother crying “the sound of her weeping would be all around me, pressing in wave upon wave, until I would no longer tell where it was coming from”(1). Divakaruni strikingly depicts the child’s incapacity to understand her mother’s agony initially and why her mother had to share her…

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