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World History Dr. Mahdavi
History 101 Fall 2012

Study Guide For Mid-Term Examination

The examination will consist of 5 essay questions of which one is mandatory to write upon (40 points). You may choose any other two to write about (30 points each) for a total of 100 points

93 - 100 A 73 - 76 C 90 - 92 A- 70 - 72 C- 87 - 89 B+ 67 - 69 D+ 83 - 86 B 63 - 66 D 80 - 82 B- 60 - 62 D- 77 - 79 C+ 59 or below F=0

In reviewing for the examination, focus your study on the following general topics:

1) 1.Examine the centralizing efforts in countries like France, Spain, and England. How and in what ways were they successful? Why was the Holy Roman Empire not as successful as other
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Was the most labor intensive with slaves
Canary island: the guanches mainly were sent into European slavery, where eventually driven to extinction,

6) Learn the implications of the Columbian exchange. 1:What crops and animals were being shipped back and forth? 2:Was there a negative side to this exchange? 3:What would be the long-term consequences? (Class notes and Bentley & Zeigler, Chap. 22)
Columbian exchange: new crops and animals introduced to new parts of the world to advance society, many new species of animals and plants were transported to both hemispheres, created many new breakthrough but had negative effects on the world as well(disease) 1: horses, cattle, indigo, cotton, sugar, wheat, rice, bananas, apples, cherries, peaches, peas, peanuts, peppers, maize, manioc
2: small pox, measles, influenza, malaria, created populations to decline because of no remedies to help fight the sickness, struck vulnerable populations with unexpected epidemic
3: Population growth 1500=425 million, 1600=545 million, much increase was due to nutrition and diets enriched globally from crops and animals
7) Examine the foundations of the Safavid Empire. 1.What made it unique? 2.What rsole did Shah Ismail play in the rise of the empire? 3. What were the religious implications and influence of the

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